Volunteer Independent Visitor – East Sussex IV – Seaford

We are looking for adults to visit a young person who is living in either foster care or residential children’s home once a month. You will be matched with one young person who needs extra support and encouragement and be expected to be their IV for at least 18 months or longer. You would meet your young person on a monthly basis and perhaps take them out for coffee, help them try out a new activity, provide encouragement or simply be there just to listen to them. You may be the only person in their life who is not paid to work with them. Many of the young people living in care have minimal or no contact with their birth families. You could make a real difference to a young person’s confidence, self worth and sense of belonging.

We recruit on an ongoing basis – and have regular training courses. We would love to hear from you and would be pleased to talk more about the role.

Time commitment:  2-4 hours per month

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