Sova Nottingham Mentoring Service

At the Sova Nottingham Mentoring Service we find, train and support volunteers to mentor young people, aged 8 to 18, living in families with a history of anti-social behaviour.

Our volunteer mentors are there to support and encourage young people to make the right choices; whether that’s encouraging them to go to school, helping to build their confidence and self-esteem or by finding ways to tackle problems with behaviour. For young people without positive role models in their lives the support of a mentor can be life-changing.

All of our mentors receive accredited training, including specialist support in dealing with issues like drug and alcohol use, self-harming, domestic violence and anger management. Volunteers must commit to giving up two to four hours of their time each week, for at least six months. The Sova Nottingham Mentoring Service is funded by the Nottingham Family Intervention Project.

For more information on becoming a Sova mentor please contact:



“My mentor has really helped me with my behaviour. He’s the only person I can speak to about my problems.”