Our journey

A group of volunteers, working within the Inner London Probation Service, started Sova with the aim of providing volunteering opportunities to people who were willing to support and mentor offenders to help them stay out of trouble.
We broadened our remit and began working with social services, recruiting, training and deploying volunteers to offer support and advice to young people within local communities. As time progressed our focus shifted from simply providing volunteering opportunities, to providing opportunities for the people we worked with to get on in life.
The organisation expanded significantly in terms of the range of services provided and the geographical locations in which it operated. Widening its reach, Sova developed a presence in seven out of nine English regions and in Wales. 
In November 2012, Sova merged with CRI (now known as CGL), a health and social care charity that works with individuals, families and communities affected by drugs, alcohol, crime, homelessness, domestic abuse and anti social behaviour. Sova is now a wholly owned subsidiary of CGL, retaining our independent charitable status.
Sova and CGL share clear visions and values which means that each charity benefits from the expertise and experience of the other. Joining forces has allowed both organisations to maximise opportunities to further our work and build stronger, safer communities in England and Wales. 
During 2015 we reached our 40th anniversary, having grown from strength to strength, we couldn’t be prouder and think our numbers speak for themselves. Currently: