Sova Sheffield Mentoring Scheme

At the Sova Sheffield Mentoring scheme we find, train and support volunteer mentors to work with young people who are in need, require respite or are at risk of getting into trouble.

Our mentors offer advice, friendship and emotional support to young people to help them make better choices. The young people might be involved in anti-social behaviour, living in a family in crisis, excluded from school or simply not going to school.

Mentors offer support, motivation and encouragement in different ways; some young people need practical help with managing behaviour or tackling schoolwork, others need the confidence and reassurance to get involved in sports or hobbies and for many their mentor is simply someone trusted and non-judgmental to talk to. Whatever their mentor does for them, it makes a real difference to a young person to know they have someone who is on their side, who has chosen to be there for them.

Each mentor commits to meeting up with their young person a couple of times a month and receives full training and support. The Sova Sheffield Mentoring Scheme is funded by Sheffield City Council.

For more information about becoming one of our volunteer mentors please contact us on 0114 2780052 or email

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