Positive Activities Sova Sheffield

At the PASS (Positive Activities Sova Sheffield) project we run a youth club for young people in need from Sheffield, offering opportunities to get involved in sports and creative activities, to meet people and make friends.

The young people we support struggle to join in and fit in for many different reasons. This could be because they are in care, have been in trouble with the police, are excluded from school or are the children of refugees or asylum seekers. More than half of our young people have special educational needs. The youth club runs twice a week after school and our team of paid staff and volunteers run activities like sports, drama, games, arts and crafts. We also tackle issues like bullying, knife crime and communication problems, as well as building up the young people’s confidence and self-esteem. At PASS young people are accepted for who they are; the friendships they make and the skills they learn here really can help to change their lives for the better.

The PASS project is funded by Sheffield City Council’s Children, Young People and Families programme For more information about our work or to volunteer please contact Nathan Harris at nharris@sova.org.uk

European Social Fund